"September 22. Nothing."

— Franz Kafka, from Diaries  (via kafkaesque-world)

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I feel stronger now and I don’t need you anymore, I just want you.

"And when two people have loved each other
see how it is like a
scar between their bodies,
stronger, darker, and proud;
how the black cord makes of them a single fabric
that nothing can tear or mend."

Jane Hirshfield, “For What Binds Us” from Of Gravity & Angels. (via literarymiscellany)

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by glory.szabo

{ sailing through the forest reflection }
"Je suis fatiguée de t’attendre jour et nuit."

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"But as long as I love you I am not free."

— Bob Dylan, Biograph (via larmoyante)

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the only thing i need
"Je t’aime. Je voudrais te voir. Je voudrais entendre ton rire, assister à la naissance de ton sourire (je dis : naissance, tu as une façon de passer du sérieux le plus profond au sourire, de la gravité au bonheur qui me confond de joie). Je voudrais te voir aussi fermer les yeux…je chasse toutes ces images, car ce sont elles, vraiment, qui me font souffrir."

— Lettre à Franca, Louis Althusser
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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

— Dr. Seuss (via incompleet)

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"Remember yourself as a little girl, she is counting on you to protect her."

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